We are in the business of helping people give their bestie the best freeze-dried treats available. If you have questions that are not addressed below, please let us know at info@bestiestreats.com and we will make sure it’s answered and posted.

What's the Shelf Life?

Each pouch is printed with a “Best By” date. It is recommended that the treats are consumed by this date for maximum taste and nutrition.

Is it really human grade meat?

Yes, 100%! Besties meat is the same freeze-dried meat that is used in meals sold throughout the US and Canada.

Do the treats need to be rehydrated?

Besties® is a dry treat which is amazing right out of the pouch. Rehydration is not needed, but your bestie will love a big bowl of water to wash it down.

Is the meat raw?

All Besties meat is fully cooked before it’s freeze-dried.

What’s the country of origin?


Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the lower 48. Canadian customers click here for further details. If you are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska please contact info@bestietreats.com for shipping rates.

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